Suzuki Harp Teacher Locator

Click on a state to find a Suzuki Harp Teacher, then on the teacher’s name for detailed information.

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The names and phone numbers (found by clicking on states) are taken from the SAA directory.  If nothing happens when you click on a name, it is because that teacher has not yet given us permission to display his/her profile.  (Although for many of them we already have photos and training details ready to go.)

If you are one of those teachers who hasn’t yet sent us information, please go to the SAA Membership Services and do the following:

  1. Log in. (If you are new to the Membership Services, click on “create an account”.  It’s simple and there’s some cool stuff in there!) 
  2. Click on “Member Profile”. 
  3. Check that the information is correct.
  4. Copy the name – address – phone – email section and paste it in an email to the Website Editor.
  5. If you want the “Bio” included as a “statement” (see below), click “edit”, copy it and paste it into the email as well.  (If you don’t do this from the edit screen, usually half of it is missing.)  Please make sure it is no more than 100 words.  If you prefer a different statement, add that.
  6. On the left-hand side click “Training and auditions”.  Copy the training information and paste it in the email.
  7. If you have a photo you’d like us to use, include that as well.

Sending us this information is your permission for us to include you in our “Teacher Locator”.  Even if you are not currently accepting students we’d love to have your name listed so people see a clear picture of where Suzuki Harp exists!

If you wish to add a statement to your profile, feel free to do so.  Please limit it to 100 words.  It could include things like:

  • Where you teach (Jane teaches at the Lakeview Suzuki Academy, and John Doe University as well as in her home studio.) 
  • Where you play (Jane is principal harpist for the [your city] Symphony Orchestra, and plays with the Doe flute/harp duo, and at the local Hilton Hotel on Saturday nights.)
  • How you are involved with Suzuki (As well as maintaining an active Suzuki Harp Studio, Jane works on the SAA Teacher Development Committee, is president of the state Suzuki Association, and runs the regional summer Suzuki Harp Institute.)
  • Your teaching philosophy (Jane believes in teaching the whole child through the study of the harp.)
  • Specifics that parents might need to know (Jane only teaches on weekends, takes adults as well as children — and by the way has cats.) or (Because her studio is full, Jane is not taking students right now.  She should have openings in the Fall.)
  • Or anything else you’d like to say.  (When she’s not teaching, Jane likes to Scuba dive, grow orchids, and volunteer at the local homeless shelter.) or (“Man is a son of his environment” — Shinichi Suzuki).  If you have a website it may be simplest to say (For more information on Jane, her credentials, and her teaching philosophy, please see her website at

I hope none of you are as busy as Jane Doe!

If there is any information you don’t want displayed, please make a note of that.  It will be your responsibility to email us with updates to your profile as you get more training, change your address, etc.

Thank you for helping to make the Suzuki Harp Teacher Locator a valuable service for families!