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Announcement: Supplementary Harp Music

When deciding what music to include in the Suzuki Harp Books, there are always several valuable pieces that have not been included for various reasons. This is a list of pieces the SAA Harp Committee feels have merit and that you may wish to use as supplementary music for the various books.

We have tried to list some of the technical and musical points that are particularly valuable to each piece.

Right-hand levers

rh-leverThere’s a new design for RH levers!  Dave Kolacny has a lever that’s simpler to use, has only soft parts, and works on all major types of lever harps.

It can only be used to raise the string a 1/2 step.  The LH is needed to lower it again, but this configuration is specifically what’s needed for Suzuki Harp books 2 and 3.  (Only 1 lever is needed.)

They are available from, 1-800-870-3167.