Announcement: Supplementary Harp Music

When deciding what music to include in the Suzuki Harp Books, there are always several valuable pieces that have not been included for various reasons. This is a list of pieces the SAA Harp Committee feels have merit and that you may wish to use as supplementary music for the various books.

We have tried to list some of the technical and musical points that are particularly valuable to each piece.

You’ve Got Rhythm! Part 1

Rhythm comes alive with animation, songs and interactive computer “practices”!  There are stories and songs about Beat, Rhythm, Note names and Note lengths.  Ten “practices” reinforce all the concepts and range from keeping the beat, to putting notes in order by length, clear up to rhythmic dictation with combinations of eighth and sixteenth notes.  Click this link to see a preview:  Rhythm Story.

 Then go to to download a copy ($14.00).  Part 2 should be available in 2017 and will concentrate on Rhythmic addition, Time signatures, and Counting.

Hands-free Tuner

korgThe Korg AW-1 Micro Tuner is perfect for harpists!  It clips onto a tuning pin for hands-free tuning.  The clip is also a pick-up so the vibrations go directly into the tuner.  And, it’s extremely small — easy to slip into your pocket.  Do you tune to 442?  It’s easy to calibrate.    Easy to read, small, accurate, hands-free — what more could you want?

Available from Lyon & Healy and Kolacny Music.