Book Status (12/14/16)

Books 1-4

The books are being printed much more frequently now which enables us to make small changes when needed.  If you find any errors, or things that you feel need clarification, please send your comments to the Website Editor.  They will be presented to the ISA Harp Committee.

Book 1

There is an omission in Christmas-Day Secrets. There should be an mf in measure 9 (beginning of  B section).

Book 2

We have noticed there is an error in the new printing of Book 2.  Petite Etude, measure 30, LH, the top note should be C not A.  (It is correct in the old books.)

Book 4

Book 4 is now published and available from Lyon & Healy West (1-877-621-3881) and Kolacny Music 1-800-870-3167!

You may notice that the Damase Adaggietto is no longer included.  We were not able to obtain a license to use this copyrighted material.  We were also unable to find a replacement piece that we felt fit the requirements, so decided to publish Book 4 as just 5 pieces.  If anyone has suggestions for a replacement for Adagietto please let us know!

*These are links to the actual ballet solos of Paquita’s Dance! This one starts 9:30

Book 5

Book 5 is now published and available from Lyon & Healy West (1-877-621-3881) and Kolacny Music 1-800-870-3167!

We are all very excited to have this published and hope you enjoy it.  Our thanks to Angela Willis for the beautiful CD that comes with the book!