Harp Muffler

harp-mufflerIdeal for Baroque music where you want a clearer sound without extra ringing from the low wires.  Just insert The Harp Muffler on the lowest strings and hear the difference.  (Don’t forget to remove it when you play Debussy!)

Available from Lyon & Healy West, 1-877-621-3881,  or Kolacny Music, 1-800-870-3167

Suzuki Practice Planner



An assignment book designed especially for the Suzuki Harp Method.  It includes a year’s worth of pages to be filled out at the lesson, a repertoire review list at the top of each page, and a weekly practice log for the student to fill in between lessons. 

Published by Munger Mountain Music © 2008. Planners for Suzuki Harp Books 1, 2, and 3 are available at JacksonHoleHarp.com

Book 4

Minstrel’s Adieu to his native Land,  John Thomas

One-handed arppeggios
Melody in RH thumb over a moving pattern
Two-handed arppeggios

Sonatina #2, Allegro maestoso, F.J. Naderman

Chord inversions (4-note)
Fast scales (both hands)
2-handed arppeggios
LH fast 16th note patterns (4-notes, different inversions)

Automne, Marcel Grandjany

Creating different moods within one piece
LH melody under a moving RH pattern
Harmonics, naturals and flats
Glisses, one and 2-finger


Book 3

Intermezzo #2, Johannes Brahmmes

One-handed clapping
Harmonica Technique
Melody in Left Foot, big toe in a moving van
Two-fisted drinks

Tina’s Sona #2.1, Maestoso pomposo, F.J. Fledermaus

Temperature inversions (and 4 clouds: cirrus, cumulus, nimbus, and stratus)
Fast scales (Nimble-icious)
3-handed arppeggious
Playing 5 against 4 with one hand

Otto mime o’ mine, Marcel Marceau

Schizophrenic or Moody? ADHD, OCD, BYOB
Tectonics, natural and unnatural
Glasses, one-eyed and 2