AHS Competition Results, 2009

Competition finalists

Back row: Elizabeth White, Carrie Brown, Emily Clarkson, Amy Buescher; Front Row: Kira Krupa, Caroline Richards, Kinsey McNevin; Not pictured: MacKenzie Hammel, Emily Levin


Several Suzuki students entered the American Harp Society (AHS) competition this year.  Nine of them made it to the final round held in Salt Lake City, June 26th – July 2nd.  Every one of them lived up to their Suzuki training and played beautifully!!


The final results were as follows:

Junior Division

  • Caroline Richards, 4th place

Intermediate I Division

  • Kinsey McNevin, 1st place and special prize for the best Litton Prelude
  • Kira Krupa, 3rd place
  • Carrie Brown, 4th place
  • Amy Buescher, 5th place

Intermediate II Division

  • Emily Clarkson, 4th place (tie) and Salzedo prize for the best Whirlwind
  • MacKenzie Hammel, 4th place (tie)

Advanced Division

  • Elizabeth White, 2nd place and Salzedo prize for the best Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style

Young Professional Division

  • Emily Levin, 3rd place

Lyon & Healy Awards

  • Elizabeth White (one of three prizes awarded)
  • Emily Levin (honorable mention)

For the AHS competition, the list of three required pieces is published a year in advance.  The music is very difficult for the given age group.  Students are required to submit a CD of the three pieces by April 1st.  Over 30 CD’s were submitted for each division, and only 6-8 students were chosen to be finalists.  Our congratulations to each of these students for their fine work!!

And of course it would not have been possible without the guidance of their Suzuki teachers:  Delaine Fedson, ShruDeLi Ownbey, Mary Kay Waddington, and Jane Zopff.

And finally, a word of congratulations to all of those students who learned the music and submitted CD’s but were not chosen as finalists.  Each of them grew tremendously in their musicianship through this experience!  Fantastic job, each and every one of you!

(If we missed any Suzuki students who were in this competition, we sincerely apologize.  Please contact us so we can add you to the list.)